Deyata Sevana plants 1.1 million saplings

Koslanda Nenasala at Deyata Sewana

‘Deyata Sevana’– the national programme to plant 1.1 million saplings within 11 minutes in all over the island to mark the Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s birthday and swearing in ceremony took place on 15th November 2010. Koslanda Nenasala in Badulla district under the guidance of Srikanth, one of the active & dynamic Nenasala owners, together with school children took part in this national event by planting 100 saplings in Koslandaand Poonagala areas. Under the theme “Let’s build an era of IT in Uva wellassa” Srikanth, also the president of Hill Country Disabled Group had guided his Nenasala staff members and the community in the Koslanda area to actively participate in the National Tree Planting campaign.

Today, the world is at a great risk due to the global climate changes and global warming. Therefore it is highly commendable that country’s leadership taking the initiative to conserve the natural environment. Considering this fact, Srikanth had given the opportunity to all the school children to surf the internet for free from Koslanda Nenasala & other nenasalas that is under his management. Number of children searched internet & collected facts and figures on current climate changes, global warming & environmental security on this day.