Rural Knowledge Centers of Sri Lanka

Rural Knowledge Resource Articles

  1. Rural Knowledge Centers
  2. Rural Knowledge Centre Project
  3. Establishment of Nanasalas
  4. Nanasalas to be established throughout Sri Lanka
  5. Koslanda Nanasala success story
  6. National Virtual Academy fellowship conferred upon international telecentre workers
  7. Connecting Villages through ICT
  8. Srikanthan's address to Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy
  9. TeNeT's Rural BPO Initiative
  10. "Śrī Kanth walks tall in the IT world"
  11. "Nenasala operators shine at Global Knowledge meet"
  12. Digital Inclusion: Equality of Opportunity to the Visually Handicapped through ICT
  13. Colombo Fort Railway Station Nenasala (in Tamil)
  14. Information Technology Penetration and the ICTA