Rural Knowledge Centers of Sri Lanka

Nanasalas: Rural Knowledge Telecentres of Sri Lanka

  • What do Nanasalas or Rural Knowledge Centers do?
  • e-Services offered by Telecentres
  • ICTA grants up to Rs 500,000 for ICT projects
  • e-Sri Lanka and ICT for all
  • Distance and e-learning Network
  • Colombo Fort Railway Station: Innovative Location
  • Remote Treating of Genetic Disorders
  • Haputale Nanasala promotes Haputale as Digital City
  • Deyata Sevana programme plants 1.1 million saplings
  • Poonagala ICT Headstart Project
  • Nenasala operators shine at 3GK, Kuala Lumpur 2007
  • TeNeT's Rural BPO Initiative
  • Connecting Villages through ICT
  • National Virtual Academy honors telecentre workers
  • Distance and e-learning Network
  • Information Technology Penetration and the ICTA
  • Equal Opportunity for the Visually Handicapped
  • CDMA Telecom project serves handicapped people
  • In memory of ICT volunteer Pushparekha
  • Sri Kanth walks tall in the IT world
  • Koslanda Nanasala ICT success story
  • Koslanda Nanasala family of projects
  • Download free fonts, forms & softwares
  • Rural Knowledge Resource Articles
  • Glenanore, Heeloya, Welimada, Bandarawela and Koslanda Telecentres
  • கொழும்பு கோட்டை புகையிரத நிலையத்தில் முதவாவது அறிவகம்
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